Danone shelf test: which product sells best?

Danone is a food manufacturer. Its mission is to promote human health. Danone was looking to place a new food product on the market and carried out a shelf survey using the SPRINT application. A selected target group was shown a series of different supermarket shelves containing comparable products and was asked to say which product they would purchase. This survey helped Danone decide whether the target group was interested in its new product.

Danone’s proposed new product comes in six different varieties. They requested us to find out whether or not consumers would be interested in the new product and, if so, which product variety the consumers preferred the most.

Quantitative study method: shelf test

To answer Danone’s question, SPRINT conducted a quantitative shelf test among 160 respondents selected from a representative section of Danone’s target group.

Shelf test: which product sells best?

For this online test, consumers were shown a series of different supermarket shelves displaying Danone’s new products alongside competitor products. Around fifteen different products were presented in total. With the first shelf, respondents were asked to click on every product they would purchase and also state their reasons why. With the second shelf, they were asked to click on only one product, again stating what made them favour that specific product. With the third and final shelf, they were asked to click on three products – this was to give Danone a clear idea of their favourite products.

Insight into the target group

The reasons the consumers gave for or against buying a particular product were extremely valuable for Danone. This feedback provided a more detailed understanding of the target group’s motivators and wishes.

  • Is the price of the new product too high or too low?
  • Who is the company’s biggest competitor on the market?
  • Which products are the current favourites?

What was the outcome of the shelf test?

Within 24 hours, Danone received an online interactive dashboard with handy graphs to zoom in on the results. The research enabled Danone to determine whether the target group was likely to buy the new product or not. It was also able to identify the preferred product varieties and gain better insight into the consumer behaviour of its target group. As an added bonus, the graphs can be easily used to make a comparison with the sector benchmark.

Based on all the results, Danone will make its “go or no go” decision or decide to change certain aspects of the product.

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