Print/outdoor ad test

Using the print/outdoor ad test, you can optimise your print and outdoor campaigns before a single poster is printed. This test not only reveals the score your target group gives the advertisement but also supplies specific feedback and points for improvement from your target group. This in turn allows you to make adjustments in time, and make the most of your marketing budget.

The print/outdoor ad test gives you insights into:

  • Appreciation
  • Attention retention
  • Branding
  • Whether the commercial spurs people to action.
  • Is your ad good enough to reveal to the world?
  • Which is the best version?

This test allows you to compare your advertisements with other versions of your own print and outdoor advertisements, or those of the competition. You can also compare your results with our benchmark, before you decide to launch your live campaign.

Eye Tracking

We can also use eye tracking as part of our print/outdoor ad test. This enhances your ability to take the right decision, based on insights as opposed to just ‘what looks better’. Read more about the eye tracking method here.

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