Card Sorting Test

To create a user-friendly website, it’s essential to organize information in a way that enables users to find what they need. Unfortunately, content is often organized based on the company’s perspective rather than the user’s perspective.

Card sorting is a strategy for enhancing website structure. In a card sorting test, respondents categorize elements of a website into groups, providing insights to refine the website’s structure.

By conducting a card sorting test, you’ll gain valuable insights into how your target audience naturally groups elements. Additional questions in the test offer deeper understanding of their sorting process. This aids in assessing the complexity of categorizing content and identifying elements that fit multiple categories. You can also include custom questions alongside our standard ones.

At SPRINT, we offer two methods of card sorting.

In an open card sorting test, respondents have the freedom to create their own categories. This method provides insight into how users naturally perceive and group information.

It is also possible to use a closed card sorting test. Here, respondents are asked to place information into pre-determined categories, testing the effectiveness and intuitiveness of existing categories. Both approaches provide valuable information about user preferences and behaviour.

Insights from the card sorting test

Following the fieldwork, an online dashboard with results is promptly provided. This dashboard addresses key questions:

  • Which elements belong in the same category?
  • How easy or difficult is it to sort the content?
  • Which elements are difficult to categorize?
  • Which elements belong to multiple categories?
  • Are all elements clear?

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