Quick and easy access to customer insights and market information

SPRINT, the agile research label from Blauw Research, supplies organisations with the perfect customer feedback, quickly and efficiently. Our proven and automated solutions help you optimise your concepts, communication, UX and your brand position.

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Meet our team

We are happy to introduce you to the SPRINTers, on call to help you, day in day out. Together, we can make sure that you know and understand your target group.

Wout Thuis

Business Lead SPRINT

Maran Özdemir

Research Manager

Maarten van Sluijs

Research Manager

Jennifer Dorst

Research Manager

Pamela van Rengs

Research Manager

Ruben Retel

Business Development Consultant

Luca Rua

Business Development Consultant

Jean-Pierre Montauban

Business Development Consultant

Minke Sjiens

Data Processing Specialist

Monique Broekzitter


Merel Dekker

Research Manager

Caroline Nevens