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Who is Sprint?

Sprint is part of Blauw Research, a Dutch market research agency based at Coolsingel 55, 3012AB in Rotterdam. Sprint was founded in 2016 to meet the needs and the increasing number of companies that have started working agile. Blauw, and with it Sprint, is a member of the Market Research Association (MOA), a trade association that looks after the interests of respondents, users and market research providers. We process personal data of (ex-) customers or prospects (hereinafter referred to as “Customer (s)”) and personal data of participants in market research (hereafter “Respondent (s)”). For readability this privacy statement is divided into separate parts for these two groups.

Information for Respondents

We are a market research agency and process your personal data for doing market research. We work on behalf of our clients and often they have passed on your details to us and asked you to invite you for market research. When we invite you for research, we will inform you about the purpose of the research and, on request, who our client is. This way you can always check with them if they could share your information with us. Our clients are responsible for the lawful processing of your data. The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) allows your data to be used for statistical purposes, even if your data is collected for a different purpose. We may therefore use your data for market research even if you have not given explicit permission for this. The cooperation in our investigations is completely voluntary. You decide whether you want to participate.

We use your personal data when processing your answers for statistical purposes. For example, to determine whether young people have a different opinion than the elderly, or to analyze whether there are differences between people living in the city and people living outside of it. We do not collect more data than necessary for the purpose of the research. We no longer process your data in identifiable form than necessary for the execution of the research. We never report on you as an individual with identifiable information unless you have given us unambiguous consent. When asking for this permission, we tell you to whom and for what purpose we pass on the data. We have taken extensive technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized use of your data. Your answers and personal information will only be used for research activities and not for selling or sending anything. Upon completion of the investigation, your personal data will be deleted as soon as possible and at the latest within six months.

Young people under 16 are not directly approached by Blauw Research to participate in research. If there is a study specifically aimed at young people or children under 16, we approach them through the parents or carers.

Information for Customers

We process your personal data for our own marketing purposes. Marketing activities that fall under this goal consist of commercial and informative e-mail messages such as newsletters, whitepapers, invitations to events that we organize and information about products and services we may be interested in. When collecting your data you agree with our conditions and you give us permission for the use for the aforementioned purpose. We collect the data directly from you, the data subject, and do not receive it from third parties. Your data will be stored and used for the above purpose until you indicate that we may no longer use your data for this purpose. You can use the unsubscribe option in the e-mails we send or contact us via the email address mentioned below. We use the marketing automation software from Act-on and store your data within datacenters within the EU. You have the right to view and correct the data that we process from you. You can do this by clicking here or by navigating to https: // You also have the right to ask whether we will delete you data. To do so, click on the “Manage subscription” link in the e-mails you receive from us or send an e-mail to the e-mail address below.

If the company you work for derives products or services from us in which you are a participating party, we will process your personal data as part of the execution of an agreement. In this case, the processing of your personal data is necessary to be able to deliver the products or services. We keep your personal data in our project administration system with datacenters within the EU and use them for the aforementioned purpose as long as the agreement continues. You have the right to view and correct the data that we process from you. You also have the right to ask whether we will delete you data. You can contact us via the email address below.

Changes to the privacy statement

It is possible that we make changes to this document. For example when the privacy legislation changes. We therefore advise you to consult this privacy statement regularly.

Contact with Blauw Research

If you have questions about your privacy, please contact us via the email address [email protected] . Our Data Protection Officer will then contact you.