Release notes SprintApp v15

Major improvements

  • Improved results page

We process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. And since we’re all about speed, it did not make much sense that we presented a table with numbers on your dashboard page. We replaced the table with fancy traffic lights. Green means that your stimulus scored on par or better than the benchmark. Red means there’s still some work to be done.

  • Automatic authentication of new users

From now on, new users will immediately receive a verification e-mail with a link to choose a password and presto! Access is granted. Previously, it included a manual check from our side and although, our response time is in general well below an hour, we often heard that users expect instant access! So, that’s what we did.

  • Adding colleagues is now even easier

If you are an account administrator, you already had the option to add colleagues to the SprintApp. See (1) below. However, this requires that you choose a password and communicate this to your colleague. We’ve added a new way of inviting colleagues to use the SprintApp. You can now generate a link (option (2)). E-mail this link to your colleague and when he or she clicks on it, they are automatically added to your company account and asked to choose a password.

  • Auto fill of brands and use of wildcards

Our tests often use a reference to your brand. Does the ad communicate your brand clearly, does the concept fit your brand, etc. With this release of the SprintApp you are asked to choose what brand the test is for. We’ve already filled the list with appropriate brands. If your brand is however not in the list, you can add it yourself as well. Added brands will remain in the list for future tests. This feature means that’s there even less need for you to manually customize the questionnaire. We’ve done something similar with wildcards that allow you to choose from a list of predefined options.

Minor improvements

  • Double click on a test will now actually do something 🙂

In your Test overview, you can now double click on a test. Depending on the status of that test, the result will be different. Tests that are still in Draft will open the wizard to set up your test where you left off. A double click on a test in progress or one that is already finished will open the results page.

  • Easier to edit/move your custom questions

We’ve now made it easier to edit and move/change the order of the custom questions up and down your questionnaire. Please note: you can’t change the order of standard questions as this might have an effect on the outcome.