Release notes SprintApp version 18

Exactly 50 years after Apollo 11 landed on the moon, we’re launching our new version of our vessel to bring you to your destination! And this release, SprintApp 18, is again a small but important step in our journey to provide you with a stellar one-shop-stop for agile consumer validation. Don’t hesitate to touch base with our team on the ground in mission control in case you have difficulties controlling all of the new buttons in your updated cockpit. Have a safe and pleasant flight! To the moon!

Major improvements

  • Get an indication of costs for your custom target audience

For a while now, you can request a specific target audience for your test. In the last update, we added the option to add your own screener questions and rules to specify when respondents (dis)qualify. We also received feedback that it would be great if we can provide an indication of costs for your custom audience. With the current release we’ve done just that! All you need to do is give us your best estimation of the incidence rate of the requested audience. You will instantly see a ballpark figure so you can put in a request for a purchase order. We still need to check for feasibility of the required sample size and might differ slightly from your estimation based on our experience. You will still receive a notification when our quotation is available for you to accept. By the way: providing an incidence rate is not required. If you do not know how big your audience is, we will do our best to provide you with our best offer based on our estimations.

  • Eat – Sleep – Test – Repeat

Sprint is all about agility. Validate your hypotheses, make the necessary changes and take the next step. Have you improved your ad or concept based on our test results and want to validate that you’ve made the right changes? Ask us to copy your test. With one click of a button the test with all of the settings copied will appear in your draft tests overview, ready for you to make the necessary changes in the set-up. Upload your improved test stimuli, target the same of an entirely different audience, change your custom questions (for example add a direct comparison question of the old and the new version) and you’re ready to go!

The first time you ask us to repeat one of the tests you’ve done, we’ll give you a discount of 10%! You can use the discount code: improvedtest! during check-out!

 Text highlighter question now available as standard question

We already offered the heatmap question where people put a marker on an image of your concept or advertisement and tell you whether that part is good or bad. However, sometimes you want to pinpoint exactly what word or part of a sentence strike a nerve. That’s why we’ve added the text highlighter question to our range of question types. Give it a go yourself in this demo survey. Let us know if you want to use this question type. It’s available in our custom tests and perhaps you’ll see it appear in our Sprint tests as well in the near future.

Minor improvements

  • We have weekends off 

Although we really like our work, we also like our weekends. With this update it is no longer possible to choose a Saturday or Sunday as a deadline. Your deadline will automatically be adjusted to the following Monday. This does not mean that your fieldwork stops during the weekend. And you can still monitor the progress of your test during these days. But our data checks and delivery of your final results will have to wait until after the weekend.

 New filtering options for your test overview

Are you looking for that test you did a little while ago, but can’t remember its name. We added new ways to filter the tests in your test overview. Filter by test type, price or type some letters in the name box and presto!