Our Mission

SPRINT was launched in 2016 to meet the needs of an increasing number of organizations that have started using agile methodologies in their workplace and as a result need customer feedback at a fast pace. SPRINT is part of Blauw Research. Our mission is to make research more affordable, accessible and applicable to agile teams so they will be more successful.

Ivo Langbroek is verantwoordelijk voor innovatie binnen SPRINT.

Ivo Langbroek

Product Lead

Ivo is responsible for innovation at SPRINT, including the development of the (automated) research tooling at SPRINT.

[email protected]
+31 6 146 76 962

Henk Scholte is verantwoordelijk voor de marketing en communicatie binnen SPRINT.

Henk Scholte

Marketing Lead

Henk is passionate about helping companies improve their marketing and communication by providing the right customer insights.

[email protected]
+31 6 102 72 779

Maarten van Sluijs

Operations Lead

Maarten works to combine everything theoretical and practical science has to offer into products that
give you value.

[email protected]
+31 6 390 715 02

Ricardo van der Valk adviseert SPRINT over de methoden met betrekking tot communicatiewetenschap

Ricardo van der Valk

Expert Brand & Communication

Ricardo advises SPRINT on the best methodologies for communications research based on his 15 years of experience as a researcher.

Sylvia van Ewijk is Research Manager bij SPRINT

Sylvia van Ewijk

Research Lead

Sylvia is our highly driven Research Manager at SPRINT. Her mission is to provide clients with high quality and actionable insights. 

Christian de Jong adviseert SPRINT over methoden voor onderzoek in productontwikkeling

Christian de Jong

Expert Marketing & Product

As manager marketing and product management at Blauw, Christian advises SPRINT on the best methodologies for product development research.

Advisory Board

Our dedicated board of advisors are seasoned professionals that have earned their place in the market research industry and way beyond.

Kees de Jong

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

Kees is serial entrepreneur and has lead multiple fast-growing companies in several countries.

Jos Vink is CEO van Blauw Research, een marktonderzoeksbureau in Nederland

Jos Vink

CEO Blauw

Jos is CEO of Blauw, one of the leading market research agencies in the Netherlands.

Wout van der Wijk – Entrepreneur & Investor SPRINT

Wout van der Wijk

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

Wout is co-owner of Blauw since 1999. He is a multiple business owner and investor.