About us


Market research demands an agile approach by anyone wishing to survive in today’s, fast developing markets. Traditional market surveys are often too costly and too slow to respond to agile questions. DIY research solutions are also time-consuming and deliver insufficient in-depth analysis.

In response, in August 2016, Blauw Research launched SPRINT: the effective agile and fast-paced research label that delivers businesses the customer feedback they require. Thanks to our proven solutions, you can optimise your concepts, communication, UX and your brand position.

Create a powerful brand experience and help you brand grow.

Improve your product idea with high-value customer insights.

Deliver a clear and effective message.

Optimise the user friendliness of digital channels.

What you get

Our standard solutions have done 90% of the work for you. We also offer advice, supervision and inspiration at crucial moments in the process. Via the SPRINT platform you remain in control and our Research Managers challenge you and contribute their ideas to deliver the best possible result.

Customer testimonials

"Speed of action, simplicity of the system both in starting the survey and in displaying the results and all that at an attractive price are the biggest advantages of working with SPRINT!"

Aneta Huizing
Senior Insights Manager Grolsch

"SPRINT acts very quickly and the research results are key in providing decisive information to optimize our campaign materials."

Eelco van Dijk
Senior Research Analyst McDonald’s

"The visualization provided by the heatmap contributed to the optimization of our campaign, to explain as well as possible what fair travel is all about and to market this top-notch product."

Roelof Smallenburg
Consumer Insights Manager Benelux TUI


The agile SPRINT platform gives you access to 60 million consumers in more than 90 countries.

Advantages of SPRINT

Dynamic dashboard

The online dashboards provide you with a complete overview of the results. They even allow the users to select their own filters and combinations.

Close collaboration

The SPRINT consultants are friendly, enthusiastic and experienced researchers who will be more than pleased to assist you in selecting and arranging your tests.

Access to insights

Access to the platform is easily managed. Do you wish to focus only on your own tests, or do you want access to all the tests conducted within your organisation?

Consumers within reach

SPRINT helps research, marketing, communication, brand and UX teams to make faster, better and more consumer-oriented choices.

Benchmarks and action standards

Thanks to the SPRINT benchmark, you are able to take data-driven decisions. With our assistance, you can even determine your own action standards.