Video Ad Test

The video ad test is the perfect quick and easy solution for testing an (online) commercial. Gain insights into how your video is appreciated and measure the effect of the campaign on consumers. Will your TV commercial be a success or does it completely miss the mark? Are you uncertain which version to choose? Compare one version of your commercial with any number of other versions and find out which is the best. You can also compare the outcomes with our benchmark.

Years of experience with a variety of customers have helped us optimise the SPRINT video ad test. The test delivers a clear insight to your campaign scores for:

  • Appreciation
  • Attention retention
  • Branding
  • Whether the commercial spurs people to action.

Eye Tracking

We can also combine our video ad test with eye tracking. This enhances your ability to take the right decision, based on insights as opposed to just ‘what looks better’. Read more about the eye tracking method here.

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