First Click Test

First click testing is a method for measuring the usability of a website, app, or design by finding out how easy it is to complete a given task. Evaluate your current designs with first click testing and get actionable insights to drive more conversions and revenue.

Web analytics are great but they can only tell you so much. Click testing lets you see what your users were trying to achieve, not just where they clicked. The SPRINT first click test gives you a clear overview of how user-friendly your design is by finding out how easy it is to perform a specific task.

 The first click test shows you:

  • Where users click on your design
  • What information do they expect after the click
  • Potential design improvements
  • System usability scores (SUS)

Important metrics are:

  • Click heatmap
  • Mouse and click tracking
  • Video recordings per respondent
  • SUS score and benchmark

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Client case: improving the
user experience of Liander

As a consumer or business you want the cables and pipelines that deliver your energy to be well managed. Energy network company Liander understands this like no other and is responsible for managing the energy network for more than three million households and businesses. The company questioned the user-friendliness of the userflow for customers who want to move their large-volume connection.

The company approached SPRINT and together we devised an efficient way for Liander to test the user-friendliness of its own user flow from now on.