Packaging Test

Test a variety of packaging ideas or validate the definitive design with our packaging test. This test answers the question: how high is the intention to buy your product, in this packaging? The test also reveals what improvements you could introduce to make your packaging as attractive and eye-catching and possible, for your target group. Years of experience with a variety of different clients have helped SPRINT optimise its packaging test programme.

Receive clear test scores for your packaging on the following aspects:

  • Attractiveness
  • Relevance
  • Unicity
  • Credibility
  • Packaging/brand match
  • Amount of information on the packaging
  • Intention to buy

You can compare the results of the packaging test with the score for other packaging via our benchmark. Is your packaging idea good enough to roll out?

Packaging test with eye tracking

We can combine eye tracking with all SPRINT packaging tests. Improve your decision making based on figures instead of just the visual aspect. Read all about the eye tracking method from SPRINT, here.

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Are the new marketing
campaigns of Danerolles boosting the awareness of the brand?

The mission of Danerolles is seeking to bring to life with its pre-packaged dough products. But how familiar are consumers in the Netherlands and her other countries with the Danerolles brand?

Danerolles uses the Agile Brand Tracker of SPRINT to discover whether its marketing campaigns are effectively boosting its brand profile in different countries.