Agile Brand Tracker

The Agile Brand Tracker is a proven SPRINT solution designed to track your brand over time. It is a smart and agile research method that is implemented quickly and efficiently, allowing you to save time and prioritize what matters most: your brand.

We choose not to overcomplicate things and offer quick access to essential branding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), while maintaining a close eye on your industry competitors. All insights are presented through our interactive dashboard, enabling you to delve into the data for in-depth analyses and meaningful comparisons.

“Quick and efficient brand monitoring”

The two main benefits of our Brand Tracker

Gaining insights into your brand’s performance is vital for informed decision-making across various areas. Firstly, incorporating your competitors as a benchmark provides a comprehensive understanding of your position in the market. Secondly, the Agile Brand Tracker serves as an ideal posttest following a campaign, allowing you to monitor the progress of the KPIs targeted in your well-thought-out advertising campaign. These insights empower you to respond to changes and make data-driven decisions to further enhance brand growth.

Unlock easy access to must-have KPIs and benchmarks

Experience the ease of brand tracking through our comprehensive dashboard. Starting off with a brand funnel, the dashboard shows the performance of your brand in the various stages of the customer journey. The Agile Brand Tracker utilizes a modular research design, precisely measuring the most important branding KPIs in different sections: brand awareness, evoked set, and brand image.

Do-It-Together platform with quick results

Our Agile Brand Tracker is seamlessly implemented in multiple countries. With the optimized survey in our platform, launching the tracker is practical and time-saving, taking mere hours instead of days. As a result, you gain valuable insights already within 5 working days. Moreover, throughout the entire setup process, you collaborate closely with a dedicated researcher. Our Do-It-Together approach ensures that you make informed decisions for your study, with confidence.

Insights generated by the Agile Brand Tracker

Brand awareness and evoked set

  • Awareness: spontaneous & aided
  • Appreciation
  • Consideration
  • Preference

Brand image

  • Awareness sources
  • Familiarity
  • Associations
  • Brand values

Additional module: Campaign effect measurement

The Agile Brand Tracker gives you insights into your brand position based on customer insights. Those insights help effectively structure your marketing activities, to enhance name awareness. Try adding the campaign effect module, and have access to 5 additional standard questions.

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Measure brand awareness for
Stoov® quickly and intelligently

The scale-up Stoov® has experienced impressive growth in recent years. With exciting and smart brand campaigns, their heated cushions quickly conquered the Dutch, German, and English markets. But how do you make the impact of such a campaign visible quickly and intelligently? And how does Stoov® compare to competitors?

The Agile Brand Tracker provided Stoov® with a wealth of insights into the brand’s position compared to competitors and a clear picture of how consumers perceive the brand. Within a week, the data was available in an interactive dashboard.

Stoov branc tracker

7 tips for a successful brand tracker

  1. Schedule a demo: Our experts walk you through the set-up wizard and showcase the dashboard’s features.
  2. Explore broad target groups: Expand your target group beyond existing consumers to uncover untapped market opportunities.
  3. It’s never too early to start brand tracking: Uncover the initial market response after your launch or assess the impact of new brand milestones.
  4. Flexible measurement frequency: Choose the frequency that suits your needs. Plan a measurement immediately after a campaign to assess its impact or choose quarterly measurements for regular tracking.
  5. Uncover in-depth customer journey performance: Add the Product Funnel Module to deeper unravel your performance in the different customer journey stages. Gain insights into awareness, purchase, and retention in an extended funnel, while identifying key drivers and barriers.
  6. Assess campaign effectiveness: Evaluate the impact and reception of your campaigns with our Campaign Effectiveness Module. By adding just 5 extra questions to the survey, you gather valuable insights on how your campaign was received by the target group.
  7. Seamlessly share results internally: Export the dashboard as a PowerPoint or grant your colleagues access to the SPRINT platform for collaborative analyses