Distinctive Brand Assets (DBA) Test

Associations with your brand and the level of brand awareness are above all the result of a solid set of brand assets. Distinctive Brand Assets (DBAs) – of which brands often have 2 or 3 – are what make your brand stand out from the rest. DBAs can for example be colours, shapes, symbols, icons and fonts, but also statements on packaging or in advertising campaigns. With a DBA test, your measure the relationship between your Distinctive Brand Assets and the potential decision to buy, by your target group.

Use a DBA test to test the strength of your brand asset portfolio. Obtain a clear and objective overview of your DBAs on the basis of awareness and unicity. The results will provide insights into brand recognition and position, and will reveal the most prominent brand elements. A DBA test is a valuable tool for defining a strategic course.

“Activate your brand growth with distinctive brand assets”

Insights following DBA test

The DBA test will reveal which brand assets make the difference and make you stand out against the competition. The test will provide insights into your brand position from the viewpoint of your ideal target group. The results will provide answers among others to the following questions:

  • How do your DBAs score on fame and uniqueness?
  • Which brand assets work to your advantage?
  • How does your brand score in comparison with the competition?
  • What are your brand associations?

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