Logo test

A logo is one of the most important parts of your brand. With a good logo you can distinguish yourself from other brands and strengthen your brand identity. Therefore it is important to test your logo in order to find out to what extent your logo matches your brand and your target audience. With the results, you can optimize your logo for greater reach and impact.

Our logo test is the solution to quickly and easily test a new or existing logo. With this test, you will find out how your logo scores on five KPIs, namely:

  • Appreciation
  • Appeal
  • Uniqueness
  • Strikingness
  • Suitability

In addition to these KPIs, we test the recognizability of the logo. With the use of a heatmap you will gain insight into which elements are well and less well received by your target group and why. This allows you to work on specific improvements. Do you have multiple versions of your logo? Compare all options and discover which logo scores best.

Additionally to our standard questions, it is possible to add some custom questions. This allows you to adapt the test to your specific needs and wishes.

Interested in our logo test?