Letter Test

To ensure that the message in your letter of flyer is easily understood, SPRINT has developed the copy test. We submit the content to 100 respondents from your target group. Those 100 respondents deliver valuable feedback and improvement suggestions to help you optimise your content.

The target group assesses the content for example for clarity and length. The test also clearly reveals which questions remain unanswered after reading the text, and whether the reader is spurred to action by the letter. Finally, the respondents mark sections of the text that are clear or unclear and give tips for improvements.

As well as receiving input from the target group, you can also compare the results with our benchmark.

We test your content for:

  • Message communication
  • Clarity
  • Readability
  • Length
  • Unanswered questions
  • Positive and negative aspects (via a heatmap)

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