Radio Ad Test

Test your radio commercial to measure how well you stand out against the background noise.

SPRINT shows how well your radio commercial scores with your target audience, and puts you on the right track in determining what works and what does not. You can then fine-tune your radio commercial to achieve the best effect. Is your commercial good enough? Which is the best version? You can also compare your results with our benchmark, to help you decide whether or not to broadcast your radio commercial, live.

The radio ad test gives you an insight into:

  • Appreciation for the radio commercial
  • Attention retention
  • Branding
  • Whether the commercial spurs people to action.

We also include a sentiment analysis. While listening to the commercial, the target group identifies in real-time which fragments do (not) make them happy. According to these insights, you can formulate various clear points for improvement.

In addition to our standard questions, it is also possible to add a number of your own questions

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