Unmoderated User Test

With the unmoderated user test, you can collect data about every step in the user flow of a website or web app. This allows you to see how users navigate through a process/funnel. Of course, at each step users drop out, this way we can see where the process/funnel can be improved. Test your live websites or prototypes. We support all major prototyping tools (such as Figma, InVision, Adobe XD or Marvel). 

The unmoderated user test can be used in conjunction with our other UX products:

  • Five second test
  • Preference test
  • Tree test
  • First click test

The SPRINT unmoderated user test gives you a clear overview of how to improve your user flows by collecting data on every step in the flow of a website.

Key objectives are:

  • first impressions
  • likes & dislikes
  • overall score
  • improvements
  • customer effort score
  • probability of a return visit
  • SUS score
  • final remarks

Important metrics are:

  • success, fail & skip rates 
  • percentage of correct tasks
  • click tracking (including heatmaps)
  • optimal paths for the user flow
  • video recordings per respondent

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