We did a video test for Jumbo’s Easter TV commercial

Easter is just around the corner and Jumbo, a leading Dutch supermarket, wanted to ensure that their Easter TV commercial resonates with their audience. That’s why we conducted a video test for Jumbo.

The test allowed them to measure four key performance indicators (KPIs): enjoyment, stopping power, branding, and activation intent. Next to this, it also provided valuable insights into viewers’ understanding of the key message and their perception of the Easter atmosphere and Jumbo characters.

With our benchmark, Jumbo was able to compare their results to our standards, gaining a better understanding of their commercial’s effectiveness. Within just a few hours, we provided Jumbo with valuable data presented in a clear and user-friendly dashboard. We’re happy that we could help them gain insights in a fast and easy way!

Are you also looking to improve your video campaigns? A video test can provide valuable insights into your commercial’s performance. Book a demo with one of our colleagues to find out how we can help you optimize your campaigns and achieve your goals.