Insights from the ’Week without Meat’

The “Week zonder Vlees” (Dutch for: ‘’Week without Meat’’) in the Netherlands seeks to promote a plant-based diet and drive awareness about the environmental impact of meat consumption. This prompted SPRINT to investigate which brands are leading the way in this booming market.

The most recent participation rates for the Week without Meat are highest among the younger age groups of 18-35-year-olds. Additionally, people with higher education levels are more willing to participate compared to those with middle and low education levels. As the market share of meat substitutes continues to rise, it presents a remarkable opportunity for businesses to tap into this emerging niche.

Meat substitutes brands with the highest awareness rates among Dutch consumers are De Vegetarische Slager and Valess, followed by Vivera, Garden Gourmet, and Beyond Meat. These brands are not surprisingly also the most considered and preferred by Dutch consumers.

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