Are the new marketing campaigns of Danerolles boosting the awareness of the brand?

Put those smartphones away. Let’s bake a tasty treat together and have a good old conversation with the whole family around the table. That’s the mission Danerolles is seeking to bring to life with its pre-packaged dough products. But how familiar are consumers in the Netherlands and her other countries with the Danerolles brand? Danerolles uses the Agile Brand Tracker of SPRINT to discover whether its marketing campaigns are effectively boosting its brand profile in different countries.

Without a recent baseline measurement you, as an organisation, do not know to what extent a specific marketing campaign contributes towards your brand awareness. That’s why Danerolles turned to SPRINT for an Agile Brand Tracker. This lets you monitor how your campaigns are doing and whether your brand strategy is on course.

Baseline measurement & marketing campaigns

By starting a baseline measurement of its brand awareness Danerolles can obtain valuable insights and takeaways for setting up an effective marketing campaign. Danerolles already made use of the SPRINT platform for other research so we only needed to adapt the standard Brand Tracker questionnaire specifically to the brand. Accordingly, the questionnaire was rapidly rolled out to 500 respondents with all results being made available to Danerolles within 24 hours.

Agile Brand Tracker gives the answers

Danerolles now knows where it stands in terms of brand awareness. This knowledge will be very useful for developing new marketing campaigns. As well as being easy to arrange, the Tracker is also an efficient way of carrying out follow-up measurements. After the campaign is deployed, a measurement is performed four times a year to get the most reliable results and continue tracking the impacts of the marketing efforts.

The questionnaire template of the SPRINT Agile Brand Tracker takes account of competitors, non-users and concrete points for improvement for the brand. Reporting takes place on the basis of a visually attractive online dashboard where the data are always available for making further analyses.

How did the measurement benefit Danerolles?

Danerolles received insight into its brand awareness in all her countries. Even more important: the brand now has a concrete starting point. It knows where it stands versus the competitors and where to go from here. The results also offer tangible ways for boosting the awareness of Danerolles with targeted marketing campaigns.

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