From concept card to supermarket shelves: Cérélia introduces OaYeah! pancakes in an international debut

In 2022, Cérélia brought an innovation to the market: the OaYeah! fluffy American-style pancakes and large thin Dutch pancakes. The international food company not only launched a new brand, but also a completely new product – two pancake varieties made with oat milk. These products are now available in multiple supermarkets. Before introducing this brand-new concept in four countries, Cérélia conducted a SPRINT concept test, enabling them to quickly test the idea.

Do-it-together research design  

To introduce the concept to respondents, as with all SPRINT concept tests, a concept card was used. The concept card provided a clear explanation of the oat milk pancakes and highlighted their benefits. The test was set up in collaboration with a SPRINT researcher. As a D-I-T (do-it-together) solution, SPRINT is happy to review the concept card.    

Given the distinct focus on millennials and Gen Z, Cérélia decided to seek feedback from this target group. Another essential requirement was that the target group should not be dismissive of ready-to-eat pancakes and plant-based products. Subsequently, the concept was evaluated by 150 Dutch, 150 German, 150 English and 150 Swedish respondents.

''Normally a test is requested independently in the SPRINT platform, but since this was our first test, we received additional guidance. The results were quickly available in a clear dashboard.''
Paul-Josse Zaman
International Product Manager Cérélia

The concept test as a proven SPRINT solution

The concept test is the solution for quickly and easily evaluating a new product. Cérélia rapidly gained insights into how their target audience assessed the OaYeah! pancakes across different KPIs. With the questionnaire available in multiple languages, conducting international research in Germany, United Kingdom and Sweden was made convenient and efficient.  

What insights does the concept test provide?   

  • Overall score from 1-10  
  • Attractiveness   
  • Relevance   
  • Distinctiveness
  • Credibility
  • Fit with a brand
  • Purchase intention with explanation
  • Wisdom of Crowds: the degree to which respondents expect the new product to be successful and the reason behind it.
  • Through a heatmap based on clicks, respondents select attractive and unattractive parts and provide explanations for their choices.

In addition, there is room to enhance the standard questionnaire by incorporting custom questions. For instance, Cérélia aimed to find out what respondents initially thought the new product entailed, even before it was explained. They also wanted to gather the target group’s opinions on different packaging choices, as well as their level of interest in sustainability and plant-based dairy alternatives.

Confirmed success for the new OaYeah! pancakes   

The dashboard presented scores on various KPIs for each country and compared them to the SPRINT benchmark. The concept test served not only as a measure to determine the readiness of international markets for this innovative concept, but it also provided a valuable opportunity to further refine the branding.    

By conducting the concept test, Cérélia was able to gather essential insights and feedback from potential consumers before the actual launch of the OaYeah! pancakes. This enabled Cérélia to make decisions quickly and efficiently based on solid data.   

Prior to the launch, it was already evident that the OaYeah! pancakes and pancakes were destined for success!   

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