Which elements of its packaging would Bolletje be wise to retain?

You may well know that Bolletje, with its crackers and crispbread, is one of the leading players in the cereal products market. But how do you recognise the Bolletje brand? Which elements of its packaging should Bolletje never get rid of, in the opinion of consumers? SPRINT investigated the issue by means of three packaging tests. In the event that Bolletje wanted to change the packaging for one of its products in the future it would, at least, know which of the elements it would be wise to leave unaltered

What is the position of Bolletje products in the market at the moment in terms of packaging? The brand had no answer to that. When consumers stop at that particular shelf in the store, what is it about a Bolletje product that actually leads to them purchasing it? Suppose Bolletje ever wanted to change a product’s packaging: where should it start? It was high time for SPRINT to come up with the answers for Bolletje.

3 packaging tests for Bolletje

We used three different packaging tests for three types of crackers that are currently on sale in supermarkets to investigate Bolletje’s questions. We distributed an on-line questionnaire for each packaging test to a group of 100 consumers in the Netherlands. These consumers are people who purchase Bolletje products on a reasonably regular basis.

Among other issues, SPRINT put the following standard questions to the consumers in the packaging tests:

  • How attractive do consumers find the packaging?
  • What do consumers think of the amount of information on the products?
  • How easily do consumers think they could find the products in store?
  • Are they drawn to purchase the products?

Heat map with detailed customer feedback

As we wanted to pinpoint the moment at which the consumer made the decision to purchase a Bolletje product, we widened the study to include detailed customer feedback. For instance, we asked the participants whether they could indicate which elements of the packaging they found particularly important. Things like the colour scheme, the logo, an illustration or a plastic window. By means of a heat map we were able to use this to ‘see’ what caught the participants’ eyes.

Verpakkings test SPRINT Insights Bolletje

What did Bolletje learn from this study?

SPRINT had collected valuable insights within 24 hours. So Bolletje now knows which elements of the packaging ensure that consumers purchase its products, and which elements are less important. And, of course, which elements are valued to such an extent that it would be unwise for Bolletje to change them in future.

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