At SPRINT, we are proud to measure brand awareness for Stoov® quickly and intelligently.

The scale-up Stoov® has experienced impressive growth in recent years. With exciting and smart brand campaigns, their heated cushions quickly conquered the Dutch, German, and English markets. But how do you make the impact of such a campaign visible quickly and intelligently? And how does Stoov® compare to competitors? With the SPRINT Agile Brand Tracker, Stoov® maps the brand’s starting point and growth in three countries. How? Discover below.

A fast and smart D-I-T setup for international research

Stoov® initiated the research process for the Dutch market. With SPRINT’s Do-It-Together (DIT) approach, Stoov® wasn’t alone; there was contact with the involved researcher in all phases. The optimized SPRINT questionnaire was tailored to Stoov®’s specific sector, competitors, and positioning. Within the SPRINT platform, Stoov® easily requested follow-up measurements. The result? A dashboard with valuable output to monitor the brand’s tremendous growth. The research in the Netherlands quickly expanded to Germany and the United Kingdom. Thanks to the pre-translated questionnaire, these international studies started swiftly. At each measurement, 500 Dutch, 500 German, or 500 English respondents filled out the questionnaire, providing a broad and representative perspective.

The interactive dashboard provides insight into the Stoov® brand and competitors

The Agile Brand Tracker provided Stoov® with a wealth of insights into the brand’s position compared to competitors and a clear picture of how consumers perceive the brand. Within a week, the data was available in an interactive dashboard. In the brand funnel, Stoov® could draw initial conclusions at a glance. In the dashboard, Stoov® can not only compare their own scores with those of competitors but also analyze changes over time easily. Brand awareness, brand positioning, and image are the key pillars.

Brand Tracking Stoov

Determining campaign impact with the Campaign Effect Module

To get even more out of an Agile Brand Tracker, SPRINT recommends the additional Campaign Effect Module. Through five extra questions, insights into the impact of campaigns are gained. With this module, Stoov® could find out if the target audience had seen the advertisements, if they remembered them, and specifically which advertisements. Furthermore, the audience assesses the campaign itself, providing valuable feedback.

The Product Funnel Module unravels the process from awareness to purchase

Another extra option offered by SPRINT is expanding the standard brand funnel with the Product Funnel Module. This additional set of questions measures the customer journey from product awareness to purchase intent and retention. This module also provides insights into drivers and triggers during the consumer journey. Additionally, it becomes clear why a consumer considers or doesn’t consider purchasing products from the brand.

With the SPRINT Agile Brand Tracker, Stoov® not only monitored the development of their brand awareness and positioning but also gained crucial insights into their image. The Campaign Effect Module and Product Funnel Module provided Stoov® with even more detailed knowledge about the effects of their campaigns and the customer journey. This enabled Stoov® to optimize its strategy to further grow the brand successfully in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Curious about what the SPRINT’s Agile Brand Tracker can do for your brand? Click here to discover how this research can also help your brand. Be inspired and take the next step in optimizing your brand strategy!

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