Brand Awareness test

Brand awareness is often seen as the first step in the buying process and therefore as a particularly valuable metric. Because brand awareness is so closely related to the intention to buy, every marketer should work hard to make their brand more recognisable and distinctive.

The brands that come to mind when a customer is considering making a purchase are known as the ‘evoked set’. These are the brands that are best known to the customer. These brands quickly come to mind, as a sound party from which to make a purchase.

Insights following the Brand Awareness Test

The test delivers insights into the awareness position of your brand, and the extent to which your brand is given consideration, in a particular category. This information helps you assess your brand in relation to the competition, and to adapt your strategy, accordingly. The test will provide answers among others to the following questions:

  • What brands from the … can you name?
  • How well do you know these brands?
  • What brands would you consider, for your next purchase?
  • What is your preferred brand?
  • Where have you heard about this brand?
  • In your opinion, what does this brand do
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