Name Test

The name test, conducted by SPRINT, is the perfect solution for the quick and easy testing of a new or existing name. The outcome will reveal whether the name is clear, and will identify any compelling reasons for not using a name.

A brand name or product name is something you need to get right, for a successful introduction. You want the target group to give the name a positive response. Consumers need to understand the brand content and the name needs to have positive associations. The testing of potential names will help you create the perfect brand name to deliver awareness and recognition.

If you opt for name testing, your target group will be shown a variety of brand and product names and asked to provide feedback on each. The response will enable you to compare information about the attractiveness, pronounceability and relevance of your proposed name and to discover which name is most effective. The end result is a lasting name with positive associations.

Insights following name testing

You will receive insights into the attractiveness and appeal of the names and the feelings they evoke in consumers. This helps you immediately discover if you need to make changes. The results will provide answers among others to the following questions:

  • Which name is received positively?
  • What associations does the target group make with the name?
  • Which names evoke no response from your target group?
  • What experience does the target group associate with the name?
  • What improvements are needed?

Interested in our name test?