Tagline Test

Is your tagline as strong as it could be? The right tagline can play a vital role in how consumers perceive your brand. A strong tagline can increase brand awareness, establish credibility, and encourage customers to purchase your products or services. However, if your tagline doesn’t resonate with your target audience, it can work against your brand’s success.

SPRINT’s tagline test helps you to evaluate the effectiveness of your tagline. Our test assesses how consumers perceive your tagline in terms of its relevance, attractiveness, and distinctiveness. It also examines how well your tagline aligns with your brand and whether it encourages consumers to take action.

Our tagline test uses a benchmark to compare your results to other taglines. This allows us to provide you with valuable insights to improve your tagline that resonates with your target audience.

SPRINT is committed to helping you create taglines that elevate your brand and stand out in a competitive market. Book a demo with us today to learn more about our tagline test and to get started!

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Quickly validate the slogan
of brand campaign MediaMarkt

MediaMarkt Benelux launched a brand new international campaign with the slogan “Let’s Go!”. However, the company was uncertain whether the English-language slogan would be effective in French-speaking regions, where traditionally only French is accepted. To validate the slogan before the approaching deadline, MediaMarkt chose to conduct a SPRINT tagline test.

MediaMarkt also wanted to know which slogan variant French-speaking consumers prefer when given the choice between both translations. Therefore, the questionnaire ends with a preference question. This tagline test helped MediaMarkt quickly make the right decision for their brand campaign.

Tagline test MediaMarkt