Digital Ad Test

When developing new campaigns and commercials, ideally you would have access to a crystal ball. You want to know what the reactions are, and what feeling your communication evokes, in the target group. A live campaign launch is often not the ideal solution. Instead, try testing! Testing gives you an insight into the effect of the message, and what is and is not appealing. Let SPRINT help you with an ad test.

You have conceived a campaign and decided on an advertisement test to measure the potential of your ad. SPRINT will assist you in testing 1 or more advertisements, by presenting them to the target group and measuring first impressions.

Our digital ad test generates a complete insight into the functioning of your campaign. Not only will you discover the level of target group appreciation but also the attention retention score, brand recognition and whether the campaign spurs people to action.

“Direct insight into the potential of your campaign”

Methodology for an digital ad test

We select the perfect representatives from your target group and present your online advertisement or commercial to at least 100 respondents. They evaluate the advertisement according to a number of predetermined criteria and supply detailed feedback on the various elements.

Viewing behaviour based on eye tracking

Use the eye tracking method to support better decisions on the basis of actual figures. Eye movements are measured to help you identify what is or is not attractive or eye catching. Read more about the SPRINT eye tracking method here.

Insights generated by the digital ad test

Using an ad test, you develop more efficient and more effective campaigns. The test generates insights into the effect of the advertisement from the point of view of your intended target group and specific advice for improvements. The results will provide answers among others to the following questions:

  • Does the advertisement achieve its aim?
  • Does the target group understand the message?
  • Which elements stand out?
  • How can you further focus the message?
  • How does the campaign score against the benchmark?

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What makes the perfect
digital ad for Black Friday?

MediaMarkt wanted to quickly and purposefully find the best ad among all the Black Friday campaigns. We used the SPRINT platform and worked with experts to test each of the four ads with groups of 100 people in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The test gave us valuable insights into how people liked the designs and which parts worked the best. We even made a visual heatmap to show what parts people liked and what they didn’t.

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