What makes the perfect digital ad for Black Friday?

MediaMarkt knows how crucial it is to choose the right ad for a successful Black Friday campaign, especially with so many ads out there. So, they used SPRINT to test four different ads.

Which ad works the best?

MediaMarkt wanted to quickly and purposefully find the best ad among all the Black Friday campaigns. We used the SPRINT platform and worked with experts to test each of the four ads with groups of 100 people in the Netherlands and Belgium. The test gave us valuable insights into how people liked the designs and which parts worked the best. We even made a visual heatmap to show what parts people liked and what they didn’t.

The ad test looked at important things like:

  • How much people liked the ad, shown as a score with an explanation.
  • How clear the brand was in the ad.
  • If the ad grabbed and kept people’s attention.
  • How well the ad got the message across (unaided).
  • Call to action

Results are ready quickly on our online dashboard

Just 24 hours after the test, we had results in our easy-to-use SPRINT dashboard. This let MediaMarkt easily compare how well different designs did based on different things we looked at. A quick look at the dashboard gave MediaMarkt the info they needed to make smart decisions.

Our dashboard also lets you compare our tested ads with what’s normal in the industry and other benchmark data.

Interested in quickly and purposefully picking the best ad from different options? Click here to learn more about our digital ad testing.

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