Preference Test

When looking to create something new, it can be hard to decide which option out of many should be chosen. Preference tests can make this decision a lot simpler and give you insight into what people care most about when judging designs.

These tests are often used to evaluate the aesthetic appeal. They can also be facilitated so that the users judge designs on how trustworthy they seem or whether they communicate the specific message or idea you intended.

We supplement our preference test with a VisAWI (Visual Aesthetics of Websites Inventory) addon. With the VisAWI you can find out how users subjectively perceive the aesthetics of your design. The addon is valuable in several ways because the perceived aesthetics can affect many other aspects such as satisfaction, probability of a return visit or willingness to buy.

The SPRINT preference test gives you a clear overview of which design your users prefer and why, by showing you:

  1. Which design option do they prefer
  2. Why they prefer it
  3. Visawi statements:
    • How well everything goes together in the design
    • How pleasantly varied the design is
    • How attractive the color composition is
    • How professionally designed the layout appears

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