UX test by SPRINT

Build faster and better digital products with our new UX tests. SPRINT is working on a one-stop solution for quick feedback among large user groups. Our goal is to provide the tool to make user-centered decisions in the design process. We expect to launch our UX test this summer. Here’s a little sneak peek for what kind of tests to expect: 

5-second test

5-second tests are appropriate for determining whether users’ first impression and their recall of the page are good.

First click test

First click testing is a method of measuring the usability of a website, app, or design by checking how easy it is to complete a certain task. Research shows that if the first click is correct, users have an 87% chance of completing the action correctly, compared to only 46% if the first click is wrong.

Preference test

Preference tests are a survey method for determining a preference for a variety of options. These tests are often used to determine which designs are the most aesthetically pleasing, best understood, or most confident.

Tree test

Overlapping information categories and confusing labels are two of the most common problems in website design. A tree test evaluates a hierarchical category structure, or tree, by having users find the places in the tree where specific tasks can be completed.

Unmoderated user test

Improve your user flows by collecting data on every step in the flow of a website.

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