Introduce your target group to your new digital product, and acquire direct insights into the user experience, from knowledge of the concept through to the operation of wire frames and the user friendliness of your product.

Our specialist solutions in the field of UX provide a perfect picture of the user experience.

Measure how the design quickly communicates your message.

Allow your customers to choose between different designs and discuss what is most important to them.

Measure the user friendliness of your design for the standard user.

Collect data about every step of your website and improve your user flows.

Discover how to increase the findability of specific content on your website.

Let users categorize the content of your website into logical and useful groups and optimize the structure of your website.


Helping Liander to make
a user flow more customer-friendly?

As a consumer or business you want the cables and pipelines that deliver your energy to be well managed. Liander is the energy network operator for more than three million households and businesses and knows this better than anyone. However, Liander had concerns about the customer friendliness of its user flow when consumers want to relocate their large-volume connection.

The company turned to SPRINT. Together we worked out how, in the future, Liander can efficiently test the user friendliness of its own user flows.


Advantages of SPRINT

Dynamic dashboard

The online dashboards provide you with a complete overview of the results. They even allow the users to select their own filters and combinations.

Close collaboration

The SPRINT consultants are friendly, enthusiastic and experienced researchers who will be more than pleased to assist you in selecting and arranging your tests.

Access to insights

Access to the platform is easily managed. Do you wish to focus only on your own tests, or do you want access to all the tests conducted within your organisation?

Consumers within reach

SPRINT helps research, marketing, communication, brand and UX teams to make faster, better and more consumer-oriented choices.

Benchmarks and action standards

Thanks to the SPRINT benchmark, you are able to take data-driven decisions. With our assistance, you can even determine your own action standards.