Thank you for your feedback in 2022!

At SPRINT we have 7 core values, one of which is that our clients are happy to recommend us. This is why we believe it is important to keep track of our clients’ satisfaction. We care about our clients’ feedback on every test we deliver, which is why we send out evaluation questionnaires regularly. We believe your feedback is a gift, one step closer to reaching a very critical goal: getting better every day. 

We are very proud to share our net promoter score (NPS) score of 76, which we thank to 3 main pillars: our team’s flexibility, our professionality, and our support during the process of setting up the test. This is the reason why we call SPRINT a D-I-T platform: we do it together.

We thank all our clients for their trust and collaboration in 2022. Thank you from all of us at SPRINT. We look forward to working together in 2023.

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