Insights from Pride Amsterdam

Pride Amsterdam, the annual celebration and commemoration of LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion, took place from August 1st  to 6th. To understand the Dutch population’s awareness and participation, SPRINT conducted a research. These are the key insights:

Awareness: 97% of the Dutch population is familiar with Pride Amsterdam to some extent, with 7% being regular attendees of the boat parade and other events.

Extent of events: Pride Amsterdam contains more than just the well-known boat parade. 79% of people familiar with Pride knew that Pride offered more than just the parade in the capital’s canals.

Participation: 9% of respondents considered to participate in Pride this year.

Motivations: Key reasons for participation included striving for equal rights for all (38%), increasing awareness & understanding within society (36%) and celebrating the freedom of the LGBTQ+-community (34%).

In conclusion, the findings from our research shed light on the widespread awareness for and participation in Pride Amsterdam, underscoring its resonance across the Dutch population. Beyond its iconic boat parade, the festival’s multifaceted offerings have been recognized by a substantial majority. The motivations driving participation, such as advocating for equal rights, fostering societal understanding, and celebrating LGBTQ+ freedom, emphasize the festival’s role in promoting positive change.

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