How well-known is Azerion’s Governor of Poker in Germany and France?

Azerion wishes to run a campaign in Germany and France for its game Governor of Poker 3. But just how well is this game already known in these countries? And what is the best approach for the game developer to quickly boost the game awareness? SPRINT looked into these questions and implemented an Agile Brand Tracker, within just a few days.

Any business wanting to know whether a campaign will contribute to the growth of its brand first needs to have a clear picture of the starting point. A baseline measurement that can be compared with a new measurement, once the campaign has run its course. To determine that baseline, Azerion deployed SPRINT’s Agile Brand Tracker.

Measuring brand awareness

It goes without saying that the key to measuring brand awareness is to approach the right target group. The target group for this survey for Azerion consisted of men aged 18 years and older in Germany and France, who may be interested in participating in gaming or lotteries. We presented these survey participants with a list of questions including:

  • Which brands do you know within this market category?
  • Where did you hear about this brand?
  • What associations do you have with the brand?
  • Which is your preferred brand?

Agile Brand Tracker

The Agile Brand Tracker is a tool developed in-house by SPRINT. So what exactly is the Agile Brand Tracker? The tracker consists of an online questionnaire that we are able to present to the specified target group for any brand, in more than 100 countries. Using the tool we can investigate the awareness and likeability of the brand, in its own category (as compared with the competition). The questionnaire also examines how people become aware of the brand (brand associations) and whether they would consider purchasing a product  from this brand and if yes, why and if not, why not (consideration and preference).

"Every marketer works hard to manage the results of branding activities. By first carrying out a baseline measurement, followed a second measuring moment after the flight, the Agile Brand Tracker delivers an insight into the results and the development process. The fact that only a few days passed between the compilation of the questionnaire and identification of the target group and the delivery of the validated results, was extremely favourable!"
Wieger Sturm
Brand Manager Azerion

What was the outcome for Azerion of the awareness measurement?

We quickly received the survey results. Azerion was then able to immediately read the answers on an attractively designed online dashboard. The outcome gave the game developer an excellent starting point for its campaigns in Germany and France. The brand now knows where there is clear growth potential and is able to focus its communication efforts in those areas.

Once the campaigns had been launched, and had achieved considerable outreach, SPRINT deployed its Brand Tracker on behalf of Azerion, on a second occasion. By comparing the results of this second measurement with the baseline measurement, it was quickly possible to determine whether the communication efforts had influenced the awareness of the game.

Is it high time for you to measure the awareness level of your brand, or are you interested in more information about the Brand Tracker? Read all about it here.

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