How can Schiphol airport make the best banner to wish Chinese travellers a Happy New Year?

Many Chinese travel to be with family around Chinese New Year and Schiphol Airport wanted to wish Chinese airline passengers a Happy New Year. Schiphol designed a banner for this occasion. But before launching the banner, Schiphol wanted to know whether the banner appealed to Chinese travellers. Our experts at SPRINT used a banner test to find answers within 24 hours.

Banner test Schiphol Airport

This year, Chinese New Year festivities began on 1 February and lasted for a total of 15 days. The reason that new year in China is at a different time to our new year in the West is because we follow the Gregorian calendar, while the Chinese use the lunar calendar. For most Chinese, Chinese New Year is a very important holiday. And each year focuses on one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac; in 2022 it’s the tiger’s turn. Many Chinese around the world travel by airplane to be with family to celebrate the start of the new year together. This has not escaped Schiphol’s attention, and the airport wants to wish all Chinese airline passengers a happy new year. But is the banner that Schiphol designed for the occasion suitable?

Schiphol’s banner test for Chinese New Year

To find out whether the banner appeals to Chinese airline passengers, Schiphol asked SPRINT to carry out a banner test among the general public in China. And what questions did we ask? Here’s a few examples:

  • How much does this advertisement appeal to you?
  • If you were to see the banner at the airport, would you stop to look at it or just walk on? – Do you think that the message comes across clearly?
  • How much do you like this banner, and why?
  • Which parts of the banner in particular appeal to you (or not)?

In addition, we asked participants how they would improve the banner. Does the advertisement contain any annoying or disturbing elements that could be left out? Many respondents said that the banner made an ‘overcrowded’ impression while, at the same time, it was unclear whether the tiger or dragon was the main character. With this feedback, Schiphol was able to make an informed decision by removing one of the characters from the banner. The dragon had to leave the stage. After all, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger.

What action did Schiphol take after the advertisement test?

Results were delivered in a state of the art interactive dashboard by SPRINT. Schiphol airport was able to quickly determine how the target audience had responded to the banner. Using this concrete feedback from the respondents, Schiphol subsequently decided to change parts of the banner and it was adapted accordingly.

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