With the Video Ad test, ENGIE can inform its customers more clearly about fluctuations in energy prices

Energy prices are fluctuating wildly. So ENGIE wants to explain to its customers in Belgium in a transparent manner how their bills are calculated. The energy supplier came up with the idea of creating a video explainer to do this. But does this video get the message across clearly? The Video Ad test gave the right insights.

The energy market is a challenging forum at the moment due to the sky-high prices. So ENGIE would really like to provide its customers with information that is both clear and transparent. After all, what do fluctuating prices mean for the customer? How are bills calculated? Does the bill include the advance payment or not? And is it wise for the customer to raise the advance payment independently, or is that unnecessary?

Does the video explainer get the message across clearly?

To help its customers find their way through the masses of information in the complex energy market, ENGIE developed a video explainer. Naturally, it was important to discover whether the video got ENGIE’s message across clearly. SPRINT was already set to go when we got the enquiry for a Video Ad test and studied what the public thought of the video

"Thanks to the rapid test, we were confident that we could share the video through our website with a very short turnaround time. The test revealed a number of small, but essential adjustments, such as the structure of information in the video and the addition of a few concrete examples. We also took on board some smaller incidental points for improvement that we can expand on in future communications."
Jessica Hellings
Manager Customer & Competitive Insights ENGIE

Video Ad test gives right insights

At SPRINT, we use a standard questionnaire that we shared with the ENGIE target group. And, where necessary, we added extra questions. Which questions did we ask? Questions such as:

How clear did you find this video? And can you explain why you think that?
What do you think ENGIE is trying to tell you with this video?
Does this video inspire you to take further action?

What did ENGIE learn from this study?

The participants watched the video and completed the questionnaire. SPRINT analysed their answers and, as a result, ENGIE was able to read all the results in a convenient manner. We also compared these results with those of the benchmark. In that way, ENGIE was able to discover straight away how well its video scored compared with communication messages of other energy suppliers, its competitors.

ENGIE obtained all the results within 24 hours and was aware of whether the video explainer had got its message across properly, or which parts of the video it could better make changes to.

Do you wonder whether your video explainer or other communication message is clear to your customers? Then get a rapid indication via a Video Ad test.


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