Is the World Animal Protection campaign convincing enough to bring a halt to the sale of kangaroo products?

World Animal Protection is dedicated to the welfare of animals throughout the world. The organisation is currently pursuing action against the sale of kangaroo products in the Netherlands. In its campaign, World Animal Protection makes it clear that the manufacture of these kangaroo products involves plenty animal suffering. But is the campaign credible? And to what extent are people in the Netherlands prepared to support the campaign? SPRINT looked to find answers to this within 24 hours with a concept test.

The World Animal Protection organisation has a campaign that illustrates precisely that commercial kangaroo hunting in Australia is highly profitable, but leads to a lot of suffering in the animals themselves. The kangaroos are sold to companies that use the meat and hide for such uses as kangaroo steaks, dog food or sports footwear. The Netherlands is one of the largest importers. The organisation is calling for a halt to the import and sale of the products, to ensure better living conditions for kangaroos. But is the campaign convincing enough to stop sales? To be sure that the campaign has the desired result, World Animal Protection asked SPRINT to test the concepts.

World Animal Protection concept testing

World Animal Protection completed an on-line application form for a concept test simply and quickly. That way, our market research experts were able to distribute an on-line questionnaire to a sample group of 100 people who believe that animals and animal protection are important. The on-line questionnaire showed the campaign and prompted the respondents with a number of relevant questions.

SPRINT on-line questionnaire

SPRINT has a standard questionnaire that it uses for each concept test. In consultation with the organisation we then modify the questionnaire on a number of points. We tailored the questionnaire for World Animal Protection specifically to a number of the organisation’s KPIs. The following KPI questions were put to respondents:

  • To what extent does the campaign appeal to you?
  • To what extent does this campaign stand out from other animal-welfare organisations’ campaigns?
  • How credible do you believe this campaign is?
  • To what extent do you think this campaign is consistent with what you expect from World Animal Protection?
  • To what extent does this campaign inspire you to support the organisation?

What is it about the wording of the advertisement that prompts or does not prompt you to take action?

We also asked a number of questions aimed at finding out why the respondents gave particular answers; for instance, why people (having seen the campaign) were or were not inclined to support the organisation’s action and donate money. And what amount of money they would deem acceptable as a contribution to World Animal Protection’s campaign. Or were respondents prepared to support the organisation in another way?

What did World Animal Protection learn from the SPRINT study?

In next to no time we were able to collate all the answers. We analysed the results to visualise them. Then SPRINT presented all the valuable insights in an interactive dashboard. All that, within 24 hours! As a result, World Animal Protection could immediately identify the advertisment’s KPIs which are likely to appeal to a wider audience and the points that maybe need some more fine tuning.World Animal Protection took action straight away, not without success! In response to the campaign, web store decided to stop selling kangaroo products. This means that articles containing kangaroo products are no longer allowed to be sold via Ice skate manufacturer Viking is also going to stop using kangaroo leather for its skates. Clearly a campaign that made an impact!

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