Storyboard Test

During the draft stage of a video advertisement, it is handy if you can test your storyboard or script in advance. You can do this quickly and easily with the storyboard test. It allows you to measure the extent to which your target audience finds the storyline appealing, and you can obtain an insight into whether the video has the desired effect on consumers. The difference compared with our video ad test is that we inform respondents that the storyboard is still at the development stage. Can’t choose between different versions? Compare one commercial with several other versions and see which scores highest. You can also compare the results with our storyboard benchmark.

The storyboard test gives you a clear overview of how your draft version scores in terms of:

  • Appreciation
  • Attention retention
  • Branding
  • Whether the commercial spurs people to action.

In addition, we ask respondents if they can recall the message unaided and there is space to give feedback via open questions. We also use sentiment analysis or a click heat map. It is possible to formulate very concrete points for improvement on the basis of these insights.

In addition to our standard questions, it is possible to add a number of customised questions. 

Eye Tracking

We can also use eye-tracking in our storyboard test. This gives you an insight into the level of attention and the extent to which the storyboard stands out. In that way, you have an even greater opportunity to weigh up the decisions you make. Read more about the eye-tracking method here.

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