MediaMarkt Benelux was able to quickly validate the slogan of their international brand campaign

Recently, MediaMarkt Benelux launched a brand new international campaign with the slogan “Let’s Go!”. However, the company was uncertain whether the English-language slogan would be effective in French-speaking regions, where traditionally only French is accepted. To validate the slogan before the approaching deadline, MediaMarkt chose to conduct a SPRINT tagline test.

Do-it-Together testdesign

MediaMarkt was able to make a quick data-driven decision through the SPRINT tagline test. With the help of one of the SPRINT researchers, the test was set up in the platform, focusing on the regions of Wallonia and Luxembourg. Hundreds of residents from these areas were asked to provide their opinions on the slogan “Let’s Go!” or the French version “On y va!”. The test had a monadic setup, with both versions being evaluated separately.

Tagline test as a proven SPRINT solution

The goal of the SPRINT tagline test was to quickly determine how the target audience evaluated the slogan on a number of KPIs, while also providing feedback in the form of open-ended responses The standard questionnaire is translated into various languages, allowing for a SPRINT test to be set up quickly.

"With the SPRINT tagline test, we were able to use our international slogan "Let's Go!" for Wallonia and Luxembourg and stayed within our already tight deadlines."

Merel Baetings
Brand & Campaign Lead, MediaMarkt Benelux

What exactly provides the test results insight in?

  • The first impression of the target audience
  • Message transmission: aided and unaided
  • Degree of relevance
  • Change in brand image
  • Credibility
  • Appeal and explanation
  • How well the slogan fits the brand
  • Purchase intention based on the slogan

It is also possible to add custom questions. In this case, MediaMarkt wanted to know which slogan variant French-speaking consumers prefer when given the choice between both translations. Therefore, the questionnaire ends with a preference question.

This pre-testing helped MediaMarkt quickly make the right decision for their brand campaign:

  • Quick insight into the target audience: “Let’s Go!” was much better received by French-speaking consumers than the French alternative.
  • Fast validation through efficient SPRINT approach: Within the tight campaign deadlines, an internal suspicion was validated and MediaMarkt was able to support its decision with consumer insights.

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