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Achieve quick insights into your brand awareness and recognition, the growth potential of your brand and the persuasiveness of your brand elements. Opting for our brand tests will deliver you quick insights into the brand perception and brand experience of your target group. The test results are the perfect starting point for brand optimisation and improvement.

Monitor your brand awareness and brand image simply and affordably.

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With a DBA test, your measure the relationship between your Distinctive Brand Assets and the potential decision to buy, by your target group.

Are you looking to test a new name, or to investigate the performance of an existing name in a specific context? For quick and easy answers, the Name test is the perfect solution.

Our logo test is the fastest and easiest solution for testing a new or existing logo.

Discover the power of your tagline with SPRINT’s expert analysis and get valuable insights to improve its effectiveness.


Are the new marketing
campaigns of Danerolles boosting the awareness of the brand?

The mission of Danerolles is seeking to bring to life with its pre-packaged dough products. But how familiar are consumers in the Netherlands and her other countries with the Danerolles brand?

Danerolles uses the Agile Brand Tracker of SPRINT to discover whether its marketing campaigns are effectively boosting its brand profile in different countries.


Advantages of SPRINT

Dynamic dashboard

The online dashboards provide you with a complete overview of the results. They even allow the users to select their own filters and combinations.

Close collaboration

The SPRINT consultants are friendly, enthusiastic and experienced researchers who will be more than pleased to assist you in selecting and arranging your tests.

Access to insights

Access to the platform is easily managed. Do you wish to focus only on your own tests, or do you want access to all the tests conducted within your organisation?

Consumers within reach

SPRINT helps research, marketing, communication, brand and UX teams to make faster, better and more consumer-oriented choices.

Benchmarks and action standards

Thanks to the SPRINT benchmark, you are able to take data-driven decisions. With our assistance, you can even determine your own action standards.