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Will your radio commercial appeal to the audience? Test your commercial and achieve the best possible ROI.

Can you place a digital ad that stands out, and is not simply scrolled past? Test one or more versions of your advertisement.

Are you planning to generate impact with your video? This pretest will help you measure the effectiveness of your online video.

Are you interested in data-driven choices on which ad you should use? Test multiple versions of your advertisement, to identify the winner.

Is your video advertisement still at the draft stage? Test your (moving) storyboard or script and measure the extent to which the storyline has the desired effect.

SPRINT Content Tests

Using a SPRINT content test, you can quickly and easily test your communication. You have the option to test various forms and media types including websites, emails, brochures & flyers and letters. The content test measures whether your message is noticed, the content is understood and whether it comes across as you intended.

Is the text easily understood by your readers? Have your letters tested and receive suggestions for improvement.

webtekst testen

Are you keen to include specific tips from your target group in your choices? If so, why not test your website texts for message communication, clarity and readability.




How does TUI
manage to increase awareness of the best sustainable holidays?

For many consumers, the coronavirus measures made travel difficult last year. And yet, TUI had the desire to keep expanding its travel and holiday range. Including sustainable holidays, no less; after all TUI is keen to make a contribution to people and the environment at the holiday destinations it serves. In order to ensure that future generations can also enjoy a holiday, TUI is introducing fair travel; a package deal that allows both you and TUI to contribute to a 'fair' holiday with a positive impact. But how can TUI best get its fair travel message across? What is important to holidaymakers when they think about sustainability? SPRINT conducted research on two different TUI fair travel banners within 24 hours. Armed with the results, TUI could immediately improve its approach.


Advantages of SPRINT

Dynamic dashboard

The online dashboards provide you with a complete overview of the results. They even allow the users to select their own filters and combinations.

Close collaboration

The SPRINT consultants are friendly, enthusiastic and experienced researchers who will be more than pleased to assist you in selecting and arranging your tests.

Access to insights

Access to the platform is easily managed. Do you wish to focus only on your own tests, or do you want access to all the tests conducted within your organisation?

Consumers within reach

SPRINT helps research, marketing, communication, brand and UX teams to make faster, better and more consumer-oriented choices.

Benchmarks and action standards

Thanks to the SPRINT benchmark, you are able to take data-driven decisions. With our assistance, you can even determine your own action standards.